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Indirect Tax Committee of GSTAudit.IN

List of Contributor, Members, Author and Faculties

  1. CA CMA Anita Agrawal (Chairperson)
  2. Mr. Santosh Bahera (Member & Author)
  3. CA CMA Pawan Kumar (Member & Author)
  4. CMA Pratik Shah (Member & Author)
  5. CA Gaurav Jha (Member & Faculty)
  6. CMA Sandeep Kumar (Member & Faculty)
  7. CA Deepak Jauhari (Contributor)
  8. CA Anita Jauhari (Contributor)
  9. CMA Rakesh Bhalla (Central Council Member – The Institute of Cost Accountants of India) – Contributor
  10. CMA Deepa Tanna (Member & Author)
  11. CMA Habibunisha SK (Member & Author)
  12. CMA Anusha Kundurthi (Member & Author)
  13. Mr. Anshu Discovery (Member & Author)

ca deepak jauhari