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Hi Connections,

Based on interaction with a student on LinkedIn.

He is having doubt whether to pursue CMA further after clearing Group1 of inter or start preparing for CAT.

I replied you can continue for both but he reverted me , for MBA we have to compete with engineers from top colleges.So CMA degree will assist me in getting good job with descent pay scale? 

I just wondered, Many of us get confused while choosing a career for ourself. And our top most fear is competition. Unknowlgly we follows all the successful people who are best in their own field. And we forget they have also struggled to reach the point they are today. Everyone is struggling to reach somewhere. So if you really wanna do something firstly you have to be disciplined. And remember, No one get success over night. You have to prepare yourself for it. Every day. Every hour and every second of your life.

If you really wanna achieve something. Only person who will hold back you is ‘yourself’. You become the person you think. So think good, be good.

Remember, whatever career path you will choose. You will face alot of competition. So instead of focusing on competiton. Have faith in yourself and keep focusing on learning rather than fear of rejection and loosing.


CMA Ajita Garg

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